Well Hi There!

Hi! I’m Emma, and this is my keto blog. I’ve been on keto since Oct 30th, 2017…so almost a year. In Feb 2018, I made a keto-focused Instagram, and now I have this blog. Why? Because I’m a very long-winded girl and sometimes I just can’t cram it all into an Instagram caption. And, maybe, someday, someone will google keto resources and come across this. Or maybe one day I’ll be bold enough to share this page with people I meet in real life who ask about starting keto. Having all my favourite links contained to one linkable page might be helpful.

As of this moment in time, I’ve lost about 75lbs in eleven months on keto. I’d say that was about…four-five months of strict keto, and maybe six-seven months of lazy keto (including a two week total keto vacation while I was in France and Italy eating all the carbs). I have PCOS which makes losing weight trickier, but I also know that if I had been stricter with myself, I’d likely have lost more. But – I don’t necessarily want to be strict. I spent a few months getting comfortable with portion sizes and learning the basics, and now I coast on easy mode.

Here’s my most recent progress photo:

And here’s my face:

So that’s me! I’m not sure if anyone will ever find this blog, or if it will be of use to them if they do, but feel free to say hello via the comments, email, or Instagram if you do.

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