Keto Resources

Starting Keto

DietDoctor’s Keto Guide for Beginners – DietDoctor is an AMAZING website that I relied on quite heavily at the beginning of my keto journey, and I still click all the links in their newsletter. This particular page has a very thorough how-to guide, including recipes, tips & tricks, info on supplements, and basically everything you need to get started.

Ankerl Keto Calculator – This is the calculator I use to get my macros and figure out how much I should be eating. I personally update my macros every 5-10lbs as I know my body needs less energy as I get smaller.

What to Eat

Ruled.Me – Ruled.Me is one of my favourite places to find keto recipes – it’s their whole schtick, so you know everything fits keto macros. They have step-by-step photos and include the full nutritional info, and for those who hate the common “I got the recipe from my great great grandmother….” stories on most recipe blogs, Ruled.Me has none of that. I also follow them on Instagram for inspiration.

Keto Connect – Another keto-specific food blog! The couple that runs Keto Connect also does frequent livestreams on Instagram, and runs a popular YouTube channel. I love their butter chicken recipe!

Peace Love and Low Carb – She’s also got several cookbooks, including one called Keto Happy Hour for those who miss cocktails (like me).

I Breathe I’m Hungry – I find her blog really charming as it’s a bit more personal than some of the others – just a preference but I like to hear a bit of the human behind the recipe! She also has cookbooks, including a gluten-free low-carb cookbook!

Pinterest – I find SO many good recipes on here, and in fact, Pinterest is how I found a few of my favourite keto recipe blogs. You see the same names pop up a few times and realize they must be popular for a reason. It’s also an easy way to organize the recipes you’ve made (I keep a Tried & True board for the recipes I’ve found on Pinterest and liked).



  • The r/keto subreddit – This is a huge community with a ton of members, so it moves quickly and is chock-full of information. There’s usually a few very impressive progress photo stories at the top of the page every day. I personally find this community can sometimes be unfriendly (think tough love more than sweetness!), so I lurk more than post, but it’s a great resource.


  • The r/xxketo subreddit – This subreddit is specifically for women who do keto, and it has a reputation for being much more friendly and community-minded than the main keto subreddit. There is a daily free-for-all post that’s pinned each day where you can share what’s happening in your life, including your keto successes or struggles, and get support and cheers from the ladies there. It’s very supportive while still being informative, and is probably my favourite keto community.


  • The r/PCOS subreddit – Obviously this is just applicable to women who struggle with PCOS, but it’s a great community to talk about an issue that I find is not often discussed anywhere else. Keto comes up a lot as it is a great diet for those of us with PCOS, but it’s also a good place to discuss symptom management, trying to conceive, and questions about it.